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This cat tree is suitable and ideal for kittens or cats of all ages to play and enjoy themselves keeping them busy all day long with endless fun. The cat tree offers a cozy space where ensures a happy time for your lovely cats. Constructed of wood and covered with durable fabric that encourages and allows a cat to scratch the cat tree helps draw all the attention of your cats' so that they will have little interests in damaging your furniture or carpets. Meanwhile the heavyduty structure provides more safety for pets playing exploring or relaxing. The cat tree of multipurpose design is where your beloved cats are ready for an adventure. Comfortable fabrics elegant design For cats use as beds hideaways and playhouses Constructed of wood and then covered with carpet or a similar fabric that encourages and allows a cat to scratch Beautifully designed with fun activities for your cat to scratch climb jump Used specifically to prevent scratching and lounging on other household items Cat trees may contain other desirable items to encourage scratching such as sisal rope and cat toys Three viewing platform and two rooms Suitable for cats of all ages and activity levels Installation is convenient

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67" Cat Tree Tower Condo Furniture Kitten House

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  • $228.99


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