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There's no better way to make your pet bird a real part of your family than with our brand-new bird play stand.      Cage confinement can cause boredom and stress that can possibly lead your pet bird to suffer from obesity and depression. An open environment is crucial to the development of your pet and provides them with a chance to explore surroundings and stay healthy. You can move this stand around your house to wherever you are. Birds being naturally curious will appreciate the chance to check out all the actions all around. Give your bird an awesome gift of greater freedom with this portable pet bird stand!   If you are looking for such a stand don’t hesitate to buy it!     Built with premium stainless steel powder coated metal and solid wood for sturdiness and durability Spacious comfortable perches featured with 1 long wooden stand for pet bird activities 2 stainless steel bowls for bird food and water non-toxic material much safer Stainless steel feeding cups removable make clean-up quicker and easier Featuring 4 industrial casters with brakes for easy movement without noise Great for small to medium size parrots such as caiques african greys mini macaws amazons smaller cockatoos etc Perfect for pet birds as a training area or a playground outside the cage

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"51"" Bird Parrot Play Stand Perch with Pan Feeding Cups"

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